Sigma Terra Corps
Old News
010707: [WEB] Staff page, Misc pic page, Filksongs, News page updated
991018: [CON] NasaCon page V 2.0 in place
991016: [CON] NasaCon 2000 wins the bid for SweCon at the national convention in Upsala, SweC on'99
990803: [CON] Added NaSaCon 2000 page V 1.0
990803: [PIC] Nasacon Pictures!
981101: [CON] jUnicon webpage in new version, and a CON banner added

980813: [CON] jUnicon 1999 info added (Swe)

980810: [CON] jUnicon 1999 info coming soon. (Swe)

980726: [Con info added] Map over Fisksätra with the way to the Navigator Convention

980722: info about Navigator coming soon, stay tuned.

980225: Added Navigator Convention page.

980115: Added a picture page, more pictures to come.

971125: Sigma Terra Corps : 21th Anniversary
on december, 5th - 1997, from 07.00 p.m.
in Fisksätra where the APS (Alien Poet Society) will strike again.
Members only - be assimilated NOW! Membership can be obtained for 100 SEK/year. No extra charge for this event. Food and drink will be served.
First contact: (before december 3rd) to George Bobjörk, Fisksätra Torg 11, 133 41 Saltsjöbaden, Tfn:08-717 41 66
FAQ to: Wolf von Witting (

Energetic sf-fans who wish to communicate with other fans and who have a fair understanding of the swedish language are recommended to join Sverifandoms SF-List at: Simply send the message "subscribe" and you'll be joining a list of Swedish, Norwegian and Danish writing fans.

971031: Sigma TCs webpages are online!
971031: Mike Cheater has been approached as foreign FGoH to the 1998 Navigator-Convention (Saltsjö-Con XV) on August, 1st-2nd. Domestic FGoH will be Maths Claesson.
We believe that both of them will be superb GoHs!

At the 6th Uppsala-convention on 17-19 October 1997 there was a panel about the future of Swedish fandom and conventions. The debate turned to the prospect of having a national Swedish convention in future. Sigma TC voiced at this occasion their wish to invite to such a national Swedish convention in 1999. Martin Easterbrook has been approached as foreign FGoH for this occasion.

Swedish fans who wish to join INTUITION, the British Eastercon 1998 in Manchester at the Jarvis Piccadilly Hotel on 10-14 April, can do so by paying 30 GBP (at current rate approximately 370 SEK) to Sigma TC's postal-giro account nr: 3 86 47-4 (write full name and adress). From 17-11-97 the price for joining will go up to 35 GBP.

Wolf von Witting, the Swedish agent for Intuition 1998 has now also become the Swedish agent for the Eurocon in 1999. He is still well remembered for his fanac in German fandom and has now been invited as FGoH to SF-Tage 10 NRW on March 21st-23rd, 1998.

Information about SFT 10 NRW is available at the SF-Tage homepage: